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Expert CMV Inspections

Will you vehicle pass a Roadside Inspection?

T E C Safety Solutions offers Preventative Maintenance and/or Annual CMV Inspections.T E C Safety Solutions has Certified/Qualified Inspectors that will be happy to inspect your commercial vehicles to insure that they will pass the next FMCSA Roadside Inspection. Don't take a chance on failing an inspection or worse being placed "Out of Service". Many violations are preventable with a good inspection program. Discover violations before they are cited by roadside inspectors. Violations can not only be costly financially, but they will affect your CSA Score. Help keep your CSA low by having T E C Safety Solutions detect those violations and having them repaired before the vehicle hits the road. T E C Safety Solutions can also help you set up a compliant vehicle maintenance and inspection program in order to avoid costly fines, road service fees, CSA points and down time.

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