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Our Story

We've loved every minute of our journey

An Idea is Born

Our founder, Tab Caticha, after many years in the trucking safety industry, noticed that many companies were being either shut down or fined many thousands of dollars by FMCSA for non-compliance. He noticed that many of those companies had many things in common. Most of those companies had gotten onto trouble because of their vehicles and or drivers were not passing FMCSA's roadside inspections. He also noticed that most of the violations cited were for things that could have easily been prevented. Had their vehicles been properly inspected by qualified personnel that was very aware of what was actually a violation or not. Steps could have been taken to correct them before those vehicles were stopped in the first place. In speaking with many mechanics responsible for inspecting those vehicles, most had no idea certain things that were cited were actually a violation or that a simple sounding violation carried so many points to the company's SMS score.

That inspired Tab to create T E C Safety Solutions in order to educate and keep all those companies from either shutting down or having to pay all that money in fines .

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